Prof. Jesus LafuenteSpain
Associate professor neurosurgery
Current Position
2010 to present Director Spine center Hospital del Mar
2005 to present Associate professor neurosurgery
2005-2023 to present Director skull base departmente hospital del Mar
Academic Experiences
2005 - 2024Associatte professor Neurosurgery
Professional Experiences
2005 - 2022Head of skull base department hospital del Mar
Specialty & Expertise
Spine surgery / Education Cooperation
About Me
Professor Dr. Jesus Lafuente studied medicine in Barcelona and neurosurgery and did his PhD in London.
Dr. Lafuente is associated professor and director of the Spine Unit in Hospital del Mar, the first unit together with spine traumatologists in Spain.
Dr Lafuente has an extensive career in cooperation. With 10 surgical missions in sub-Saharan countries (Mali, Ghana, Tanzania and Kenya) organizing comprehensive training plans with neurosurgeons, anesthesiologists, ICU doctors and nurses. His cooperation work has earned him two visits to Rome with the Pope, where he discussed strategies for collaboration between the Vatican and neurosurgery in developing countries.