Prof. Basant K MisraIndia
P D Hinduja National Hospital & Medical Research Center, Mumbai
Current Position
1995 to present Consultant & Head Department of Neurosurgery, PD Hinduja National Hospital (PDHNH) & Medical Research Center
2019 to present Head, Department of Surgery, PDHNH, Mumbai
2005 to present Breach Candy Hospital, Mumbai
Academic Experiences
1977 - 1980Master of Surgery
1980 - 1983Master of Chirurgiae, Neurosurgery
1980 - 1984Diplomate of National Board, Neurosurgery
Professional Experiences
1984 - 1995Professor (Additional) Shree Chithra Institute of Medical Sciences & Technology, Trivandrum
1985 - 1986Research Lecturer, Neurosurgery, University of Edinburgh, UK
1984 - 1987Neurosurgery Registrar, Western General Hospital & RIE Edinburgh,NHS
2012 - 2014Clinical Professor, Department of Neurosurgery, Macquarie, University, Sydney, NSW, Australia
Specialty & Expertise
Cerebrovascular Surgery, Skull Base Surgery, Minimally Invasive Neurosurgery, Neurooncology, Radiosurgery
About Me
Major Achievements: Honors, Awards, Publications

1)International Lifetime Recognition Award recipient at 2020 AANS , the most prestigious international award bestowed by the American Association of Neurological Surgeons 
2) Recipient of the most prestigious Dr. B C Roy National Award in the category of “Eminent Medical Person’ (Highest Medical Award in India), 2018
3. Honorary Member
   Japan Neurosurgical Society
   American Academy of Neurological Surgery
   Southeast Europe Neurosurgical Society
   Vietnam Neurosurgical Society
   South Cone Neurosurgical Society
4) Chairman, WFNS Foundation 2021-2023 & Re elected 2024-25
5) Visiting Professor to Many Universities in USA, Europe & Asia
5) Honoris Causa Diploma - Czech Medical Association of J. E. Purkyne, May 2023 in Prague, Czech Republic
6) Publication: More than 150 Scientific Publications indexed