Prof. Shigeaki KobayashiJapan
Stroke and Brain Center, Aizawa Hospital, Japan
Current Position
2010 to present Honorary Director, Stroke and Brain Center, Aizawa Hospital
2005 to present Honorary President, WFNS
2003 to present Professor Emeritus, Shinshu University
Academic Experiences
1965 - 1971Residency in Neurosurgery (Mayo Graduate School of Medicine)
1957 - 1963Shinshu University School of Medicne
2006 - presentStroke an Brain Center
Professional Experiences
2006 - 2010Director, Stroke and Brain Center, Aizawa Hospital
2003 - 2006Director, Komoro Kosei General Hospital
1989 - 2003Professor and Chair, Department of Neurousrgery, Shinshu University School of Medicine
Specialty & Expertise
Cerebrovascular surgery, Brain tumor surgery, Skull base surgery, Neurosurgical instruments and robotics, Microneurosurgical anatomy, Cerebral circulation research
About Me
Main awards received:
Kenneth Jamiesen Medal, Australasian Neurosurgical Society, 1994
Japan Robotics Society Award 2003
Professional Achievements Award, Mayo Clinic Alumni Association, 2005
International Lifetime
Achievement Award, American Association of Neurological Surgeons, 2011
Saito Award for International Activity, Japan Neurosurgical Society, 2013
International Meningioma Society Golden Medal Award, 2017

Scientific publications in English: Books edited 5, Papers 408