Dr. Lynne Lourdes Navarrete LucenaPhilippines
Asian Australasian Society of Neurological Surgeons/Academy of Filipino Neurosurgeons
Current Position
20022 to present Chair Neurotrauma Committee , AASNS
2023 to present Vice President, Academy of Filipino Neurosurgeons
2024 to present President, Neurotrauma Society of the Philippines
Academic Experiences
2019 - 2024Professor, Bicol University College of Medicine
2023 - 2024Residency Training Committee , BRHMC
Professional Experiences
2020 - PresentChair, Neurosurgery, BRHMC
1999 - 2019Chair, Neurosurgery, BMC
2013 - 2017Chair, Philippine Board of Neurological Surgeons
Specialty & Expertise
Neurosurgeon, - neurotrauma, neurocritical care
About Me
The first board certified Neurosurgeon in the Bicol Region, south of Manila and Luzon, serving 5 M population. She has 25 years of practicing Neurosurgery catering to all areas in the Bicol Region with a passion for teaching and mentoring such that several students have become neurosurgeons as well.
She has actively worked for Neurotrauma advocacy and founded the Neurotrauma Society of the Philippines while serving as the chair of the Neurotrauma Committee of the AASNS. She was awarded the Visiting International Surgeon Award by the WINS- AANS in Chicago last 2016.